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Paverpol is a liquid polymer that is a textile hardener and is AP certified as a non-toxic, water-based, environmentally friendly product. Paverpol can be used in all kinds of applications ranging from hobbies, crafts, fine art, mixed media, theater, schools, & woodworking.  Paverpol sticks to everything except plastic.  If you are using a natural fiber to create your art work it is safe for outside display in all types of weather. 


This flower is made with 100% Cotton T-Shirt and Paverpol.  It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Mom and Daughter - Feb 2020.jpg

Mom & Daughter.  Made using Linen and Paverpol. 

Lady In Red:  She is made with Paverpol and T-Shirt.  The roses are made with Rose Clay which is a few Paverpol products mixed together to make a clay.

Sitting Pretty:  He is made with Paverpol and burlap for his fur.

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